A Betchy Book Review: I Had A Nice Time (And Other Lies)

I'm not entirely sure how long I've been following The Betches'...but it's been a while...pretty much before Twitter was cool (and it's not any more, so that should be a giveaway). So I'll start this off with admitting I may have a bit of bias. Then again, my bias doesn't really matter much because I Had … Continue reading A Betchy Book Review: I Had A Nice Time (And Other Lies)



Congrats, you've just become my next story. I feel like I should start saying something to that effect at the start of a date...or the end, if it's newsworthy: "Disclaimer, I might publish flattering/unflattering information about you to my blog...anonymously, of course."  “You look like a student,” he said sitting down at my table. “Thanks,” … Continue reading 6.7.16

Do NOT Text Him #34 & #14 (yes, in that order)

Clean your room...it needs to be done. That awkward moment when Elite Daily starts to sound like your mother... Anyways. I live in a studio apartment, so for me, cleaning my room means cleaning literally the entire unit. Which is slightly more than just cleaning your room as far as space…but a lot more in … Continue reading Do NOT Text Him #34 & #14 (yes, in that order)