Do NOT Text Him #7

Go to the gym without your phone…remember that iPod mini you have?

This one was a tough, since I no longer have a music-only device; I had to think outside the box. I actually like the idea of going just about anywhere and leaving my phone behind, but how am I supposed to work out without my music? When I run, I usually turn my phone on airplane mode…so I thought about that…but I wanted to actually leave it behind. Plus, when it was finally time to work out, my phone was practically dead.

So, I paced around my apartment, talking to my dog. As if she would have any ideas for me. Finally, What Would Audrey Do? (my current book of choice) caught my eye on my bedside table. That’ll do. I grabbed my book, hooked my phone up to the charger (and turned it off), and walked to the gym. Yes, I can read while I work out. If I’m on the bike (which I was), I have to, because I’m sitting there staring at the wall and not going anywhere…so I have to stare at something other than the wall. I can’t read on a treadmill because bouncing, but I don’t use those anyways. They’re boring. I prefer to run outside.

Anyways, time actually flew by, and I actually worked out pretty hard (considering I was on a stationary bicycle). I even topped it off with some weight lifting, because why not?

After all, swimsuit season is right around the corner. 😉

Confused? Start at the beginning.


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