Do NOT Text Him #54

…Or just delete his number.


Yep. I went there. Also totally jumped ahead because I’m a #bossbabe and I can.

But you know what? Sometimes, you just have to do it. I looked in the mirror one day and wondered what the hell I was doing. There are tons of guys who would LOVE to make time for me. I don’t need to be anyone’s number one priority (except my own, of course) but there’s also no point in holding on to some boy who can’t seem to keep his ducks in a row.

It only took about a week and a half of mind games (on his part) and this challenge for me to have this epiphany. Even though I’m fairly certain he was actually into me, he was also extremely busy and preoccupied. Sure, I liked him. That’s no secret. But I don’t play games and I certainly do not wait around.

So, that’s that. I actually like the finality of it, to be honest. Boys seldom give us closure, but deleting his number was me taking control and giving myself closure. I like certainty.

I’ll miss his pretty eyes, but as the saying goes: There are plenty of other bees in the hive.

Start the Do NOT Text Him series from the beginning.


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