Do NOT Text Him#25

Shave those goddamn legs…you can’t keep living like this.

Pretty sure it’d been about 2 weeks since I last shaved. Please don’t judge me.

[ Don’t worry. I actually did/wrote this several weeks ago and am now in recovery, on a regular shaving schedule. ]

In my defense, I almost always wear jeans (whether I have soft or hairy legs). Plus, I still have this awful capri tan line from when I got sunburnt kayaking…and I’ve been trying to hide it until it fades.

I decided that a little bit of R&R at the pool would help that terrible tan line though…or at least burn the rest of my legs so that it was all equally ridiculous. So, I reluctantly hopped in the shower.

But damn. I felt like a goddess after.

I rewarded myself with a mason jar full of Beatbox Fruit Punch, my bikini, and a book. The pool was fairly empty, too, which made it even more peaceful. And you know what? I realized something: Like many things in life, shaving is WAY more satisfying when you’re doing it for yourself, not because you want to be scandalous with a boy. More importantly…

Who needs boys when your life is this fabulous?


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