oh, hey.

My name is Marie Rose Carlson and this… is my domain.

MRC: Kicking Ass & Forgetting Names

I started this site as a blog back in college, as a way to document my academic and professional progress. Since then, it’s morphed into everything from a journal to a portfolio, and even to an actual job.

In a way, this site has grown to become an online extension of me. I consider myself to be both a social media maven as well as a lifestyle blogger, but when I use the term “lifestyle” I don’t lump myself in with your typical bloggers on Instagram. I’m referring to my lifestyle; Sure, I can be basic sometimes (what girl isn’t) but more than anything, I like to keep it real. I can’t resist a good pun, but I’m also edgy, blunt, a little nerdy, laid back, and extremely driven.

I like to keep busy, no matter what else is going on, so I always have a side hustle or project going on outside of my full-time work. Right now, it’s a bit of dog sitting through Rover (because dogs are way cooler than people) as well as launching a semi-satiricle blog on dating: Swipe ‘n’ the City. Stay tuned for more on that!

And on that note, I’ll leave you to browse.