Do NOT Text Him #34 & #14 (yes, in that order)

Clean your room…it needs to be done.

That awkward moment when Elite Daily starts to sound like your mother…

Anyways. I live in a studio apartment, so for me, cleaning my room means cleaning literally the entire unit. Which is slightly more than just cleaning your room as far as space…but a lot more in terms of what needs to be cleaned. Needless to say, I considered it my work out (even though I’d already worked out that day).

And to go along with my kick ass adulting, I even ordered groceries. Okay, I’ll use “adulting” loosely, since a real grown up would have probably hauled her ass to the store. Whatever. Instead of running around the store, I continued cleaning. It’s called multi-tasking.

It also leads me to…

Learn how to cook…for when he does text you & you eventually get married.

I already know how to cook, thank you very much. I’m also an excellent cook. Sk8er Boi had a gig, so he didn’t get to enjoy it. More for me!

I cooked a bad ass Italian dinner, my specialty (okay, fine, pasta is NOT hard to cook…but you’ve never had mine). To hell with all the carbs, I basically worked out twice. Three times if you include the walk I took my dog on.

To make it even better, I had no guilt for my bloat, because the only one in my bed was my dog.

I really love cooking.

And eating.

If you’re confused, you should probably read this.


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