A Betchy Book Review: I Had A Nice Time (And Other Lies)

I’m not entirely sure how long I’ve been following The Betches…but it’s been a while…pretty much before Twitter was cool (and it’s not any more, so that should be a giveaway). So I’ll start this off with admitting I may have a bit of bias.

Then again, my bias doesn’t really matter much because I Had A Nice Time And Other Lies: How to Find Love & Shit Like That doesn’t need my petty bias to be amazing. I mean, the title itself says it all (because how many times have we used that line?).

That said, if you haven’t already read Nice is Just a Place in France, you need to add that to your Amazon cart. Right now. It’s not a prequel or anything, but it’s amazing.

If your sense of humor is anything like mine, The Betches and their sarcastic wit will have you laughing your ass off (figuratively, duh)…unless of course, you’re a Nice Girl, and their stabs at Karen hit too close to home.

In all seriousness, though, if you’re really feminist or take self-help books to heart (you know who you are – constantly searching Elite Daily for the latest dating advice)…this book is probably not sensitive enough for you. Order Men are from Mars or subscribe to O Magazine and call it a day.

Whether you’re in a serious relationship, single AF, or attempting the whole “dating” thing like I am, you need to read this book. Basically, The Betches are the girls you wish you could be and they’re being generous enough to offer their wisdom of the dating world with you. Isn’t that so nice of them?

All in all, I’m pretty much obsessed with I Had a Nice Time And Other Lies. It’s snarky, well-organized (hello, “spark notes” for those who don’t actually read), and actually kind of helpful (if that’s what you’re using it for). Personally, I take all advice with a grain of salt; I think the best part about dating rules is that all rules are meant to be broken (see pirates: “They’re more like guidelines, anyway”). But if that doesn’t do it for you, they even incorporate quotes and stories from famous betches to back up their claims and inspire you when the dating world gets you down. Plus, the Head Pro adds his own two-cents throughout the book and not only is he insightful (lol but really…sometimes we just need a man’s opinion) but he’s also kind of my not-so-secret crush. Bias again. Deal with it.

I’d love to give y’all an outline (since I’m the freak they hate who text marks the book) of some key take aways, but I really think you just need to read it for yourself (or at least read the notes at the end of the chapter, k?). Not only is it the dating book everyone needs, but it’s the freaking Social Media Dating Gospel. Really. Oh, and pay close attention to all things Karen…because no one likes her.


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