Do NOT Text Him #38

Reorganizing your pin boards is a slippery slope...but you may end up finding a project you forgot about. Next thing you know, you're done with your Christmas gifts because DIY.

Do NOT Text Him #5

Watch another episode of House of Cards… consider a career in politics and get yourself a male Monica Lewinsky. I'd actually never started House of Cards, but I'd been meaning to. So basically, this was just an excuse for me to binge yet another Netflix Original. I can't say the show has made a career in … Continue reading Do NOT Text Him #5

Do NOT Text Him #34 & #14 (yes, in that order)

Clean your needs to be done. That awkward moment when Elite Daily starts to sound like your mother... Anyways. I live in a studio apartment, so for me, cleaning my room means cleaning literally the entire unit. Which is slightly more than just cleaning your room as far as space…but a lot more in … Continue reading Do NOT Text Him #34 & #14 (yes, in that order)