Do NOT Text Him #26

Stalk him on Facebook…and everyone he knows.

You knew this was coming.

Social Media Stalking is a classic time killer if you don’t want to write that essay or if you need to make sure you’re prettier than his ex.

But you know what I don’t get?

Guys whose most recent photo is from like, a year ago. Guys who may or may not share statuses or links, but who don’t have friends who tag them in photos. Not even their moms. We all know these guys. What’s even funnier, is when their dating app profile only has old photos, too. I just don’t get it. I mean, I know social media is annoying…I don’t particularly enjoy stopping what I’m doing so that I can update my “friends” with my latest thought or location…but guys, please give me something to work with! There’s nothing duller than trying to stalk someone on Facebook and realizing there’s nothing to stalk (yes, I realize that’s the point. You’re still annoying me).

Now, I realize I’m not EXACTLY one to talk, here. At least in regards to Facebook, as I rarely use it because it’s just convoluted with nonsense, no matter how many people I de-friend. It annoys me. But at least my current profile photo is less than a year old, and I occasionally do things with friends who tag me in statuses or photos, to remind people that I’m still alive.

Basically, my stalking experience was fruitless. I’ve come to the conclusion that he doesn’t REALLY exist, due to his lack of an online presence (he’s not on Instagram or Twitter, either, for the record). But hey. If he’s not real, why should I bother texting him?

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