Do NOT Text Him #20

Spruce up your resume…hahahaha

I didn’t actually do this.

…What?! Sorry! I didn’t have to. I’d updated my resume literally two days previously. It’s not my fault I’m an overachiever…

If your resume kicks ass too, think outside the box. After all, distracting yourself from texting a boy doesn’t have to be menial. I decided to compile my portfolio and make it really pretty.

Now, if you’ve explored my website outside of just my stories (it’s okay if you haven’t…stories are my favorite thing to write, anyway), you’ve probably noticed that I have an online portfolio under my “Work with Me” tab. This is a super in-depth version of my portfolio, especially because I can (and do) include direct links to things that are published online. After all, links look really stupid on a printed out piece of paper…and they’re useless.

But! I had an interview the following day, and while I always attach a link to my online portfolio in my thank you e-mails, I wanted something more. I wanted a physical document of some of my favorite writing samples. Sure, I already had various printed copies of things…but they were all from separate documents…it was just too messy for me. And printing each individual file was a nightmare.

I spent way too long playing around in Microsoft Word, creating headers, a cover page, and making sure the fonts flowed seamlessly (and were the same as the font I use on my resume). By the time I finished, my eyes hurt from staring at my computer screen…but I’d created a work of Word Art (pun totally intended).

It’s so great to not be distracted by texting boys…

(Thanks Elite Daily, for your inspirational article.)


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