The Leighton W. Designs Fashion Show

dress by Leighton W Designs photo by Marie R Carlson

Oddly enough, this story has three parts: Business, bestie, and Boy.

Elizabeth Lestina: Local talent and best friend…she’s also my very best client. But more on her later, when I publish her feature.

She walked the “Je Suis Une Femme” fashion show for Leighton W. Designs a few weeks back and was, as usual, simply stunning.

We took a weekend road trip from Austin to San Antonio for the show. We stayed in a super cute hotel on the Riverwalk for the night, so we wouldn’t have to drive home sleepy. While Elizabeth prepped for the show behind the scenes, I primped at the hotel…and somehow managed to convince a Boy and his friend to buy tickets for the show. *flips hair*

I love working with Elizabeth because it’s an excuse to go to fabulous events and fashion shows. No, there are many more reasons why I love it but the glam is definitely a perk. Boy and his friend were both fashion show virgins, so that was definitely entertaining. I’m not sure they were used to seeing that much of the female body outside of a porn website.

Virgins aside, the show was absolutely stunning. It wasn’t on a stage, so the models walked directly in front of us (which is PERFECT for quick photos). They also walked in a weird “W” shape, which was different but really cool. And most importantly, the clothes were fabulous. Leighton designs couture, so I was basically in awe as each model walked and had to contain myself from poking Boy next to me and whispering “I want that!” Like he cares.

Elizabeth is also killer on the runway. She’s definitely in her element wearing couture and strutting like she owns the runway…because she does.

On top of a gorgeous show, we were also invited to accompany the designer, Leighton, to dinner with some of his other friends. I networked a bit with him as well…because isn’t that business?

I’m not gonna lie, it was a pretty awesome weekend. It was productive and crazy fun. We ended our trip in San Antonio by getting brunch with the Boy and headed back to Austin to end our weekend at the pool.


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