You wanna be on top?

One of the things I love the most about Austin is the style. I’ve been following around and working with my best friend (Elizabeth Lestina) here since my move, which means that I’ve been a “plus one” to more fashion shows than I can count. Trust me. I’m not complaining. Last year, Elizabeth competed in … Continue reading You wanna be on top?

The Leighton W. Designs Fashion Show

Oddly enough, this story has three parts: Business, bestie, and Boy. Elizabeth Lestina: Local talent and best friend...she's also my very best client. But more on her later, when I publish her feature. She walked the "Je Suis Une Femme" fashion show for Leighton W. Designs a few weeks back and was, as usual, simply stunning. … Continue reading The Leighton W. Designs Fashion Show