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Hi, I'm Marie...and I'm a shopaholic.

An Honest Review

I'd never heard of Honest Beauty, but I liked their Instagram ad; It worked, so I tried their skin care trial.

A Betchy Book Review: I Had A Nice Time (And Other Lies)

I'm not entirely sure how long I've been following The Betches'...but it's been a while...pretty much before Twitter was cool (and it's not any more, so that should be a giveaway). So I'll start this off with admitting I may have a bit of bias. Then again, my bias doesn't really matter much because I Had … Continue reading A Betchy Book Review: I Had A Nice Time (And Other Lies)

Take a #selfie like a pro

Being unemployed sucks. Waiting for companies to make decisions after your kick a** interview sucks, too. At least I’m learning patience. While I definitely keep myself busy with job searching, blogging, researching, working out, and (my least favorite) adulting... I seriously miss working. So, I’ve started opening my job search up to temporary work. Light bulb: Become … Continue reading Take a #selfie like a pro