Do NOT Text Him #49

Take some NyQuil…
This definitely makes my top 5.
I’m actually a chronic insomniac, so I ran out of NyQuil a while ago and have since moved on to “harder” stuff. By that, I mean a legit “sleep aid” that I found at Walgreens while looking for melatonin (which has stopped working).
Whatever it is, it works. And it’s not quite as trippy on the dream front as NyQuil and Melatonin are…but I’ve also found that my sleep texting rate has increased. It’s usually when you’re in that weird stage where you’re kind of asleep but not…and then you have no recollection of the random things you said the next morning. It’s like blackout, but safer. I think.
Oh…and yes, he texted. And yes, I responded. While asleep.
But if I don’t remember it, it doesn’t count…right?


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