Live Healthy, Feel Good

Healthy Morning

I started my day off right today: I went on a 7.5 mile run with my good friend, Dina. Even though I’m not pleased that it’s mid-June in Chicago and it’s rainy and cold (okay, cold by my new Texas standards, but cold!), it’s perfect running weather. And I always find it easiest to do longer runs with a friend – that way you have someone to cheer you on and talk to – then you can get over that inevitable hump when you’re ready to shorten the run.
Dina’s a vegetarian too, so after our run we had a meat-free brunch at Egg Harbor Cafe. And by the time we showered and got there, we were starving. After lunch, we walked across the street to a local vegan restaurant – Borrowed Earth Cafe – for desert. I had a raspberry chocolate cake and it was the most amazing, sort of healthy thing I’ve ever eaten.
Long story short, I’m really getting into this whole vegetarian thing and I feel great doing it. It gave me a great mindset to have going into a phone interview this afternoon (fingers crossed!) and it gave me more drive to apply for jobs.


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