Found my Zen

Once I stopped dancing and before I started running, I did a lot of yoga. Specifically, hot yoga. Since I’ve started running, I don’t do as much yoga as I like. I usually consider it my “active recovery” day. But I tried out a new studio near my house on Saturday morning and fell in love all over again. You can’t beat the sweat, the energy, and the ironic calmness you feel after a great yoga session. It’s a nice change for me, to focus on something both active and peaceful…especially with all the stress I’ve been dealing with lately on my job hunt. So now I’m energized and focused and ready to do follow-ups and send out more resumes! I also plan to go to class tomorrow morning so that I’m ready and focused for the two interviews I have tomorrow afternoon.

Also, it’s a great addition to my “hippy” lifestyle, as my friends are now calling it. And don’t worry, I’m still running.


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