The Latest Research Topic

“What do you mean, you have to ask her permission?!” I was flabbergasted.

“They’re friends,” he shrugged, as if that justified it. “How would you feel if I suddenly started dating your best friend?”

I shrugged. “I can’t control either of you. Date who you want.”

“…You wouldn’t be hurt?” He looked at me in disbelief, but furrowed his brow as if to imply he knew I was lying. I wasn’t.

“Why would I be?” I asked. “Maybe I’d be annoyed for a hot minute, but that’s it. Why would I let a guy come between 10 years of friendship? That’s dumb.”

“They’re doing the same thing,” he said simply. “Jess is just clearing it with Heather first.”

“But why?” I was like a two year-old.

“Like you just said; friends first.”

“Okay but it’s not like you were engaged or something,” I pressed. “Why is it such a big deal?”

“They’re being respectful,” he replied rolling his eyes.

Maybe I’m some sort of mutant woman or I’m crazy or maybe I just missed the lesson on Girl Code back in high school. Or I ignored it because I hate rules. Oh…that’s it, isn’t it? Selective memory…

Whatever it is, I’m completely fascinated…and you know what that means: Research.

…Because I’m the outgoing nerd girl who, if she doesn’t know much about something, absolutely must figure it out.

So, thanks to this exchange with my friend, I’m working on a new set of stories focused on sorority girls. If that intrigues you…stay tuned…


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