Engagement 107

Well, we’ve made it: I’ve run out of topics concerning engagement, so here’s the final one! I’ll be short ‘n’ sweet, since this one is pretty low-tech.

Going offline.

…You didn’t think the point of social media marketing was to not do any marketing in real life, did you?

If you did, it’s cool. It’s a pretty common myth and a lot of people think that spending a few bucks on Facebook ads means they don’t need to do anything in their store. But guess what. If you’re not interacting or promoting your social media channels in real life, you’re missing out on a crucial aspect of marketing.

How to Promote Your Brand Offline

  1. Just ask!
    • Don’t assume your customers know you’re on social media.
    • Tell them why they should follow you.
      • Will you promote special offers?
      • Will you offer a discount on-the-spot?
  2. Be resourceful
    • Create a “follow us” poster to place near your point-of-sale.
    • Consider creating coupons or cards to give customers with their receipts, offering discounts or simply promoting your social media accounts.
  3. Customer Appreciation
    • Host a happy hour at your store and promote it online and in-person!
      • Keep it simple – you don’t want to spend too much money – but customers will love being spoiled by you.
      • Consider promoting a cause to show you care and want to give back (this also gives customers another reason to show up).
    • Hand out coupons that are exclusive to those who follow you on social media.
  4. Partner up!
    • Is there another local business you love? Reach out to them!
      • This is a great way to network and share your customer base and help another local entrepreneur…not to mention it can make events more affordable!
      • Ask if they’ll co-host a Customer Appreciation event with you or are willing to donate goods/etc. in exchange for being promoted throughout the event.
      • Partnering with local vendors and photographers on a photo shoot is a great way to cross-promote everyone involved (if you’d like to learn more about this, e-mail me at mariercarlson@gmail.com).

So…what do you think?

Have you tried any of these ideas? Have you tried something I haven’t mentioned? What did you do to make it successful?

Let me know! E-Mail me at mariercarlson@gmail.com with any comments/feedback!


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