7 Girly Pinterest Marketing Tips

At my "big girl job," I've been spending a lot of time optimizing our company's Pinterest profiles. Now that I'm actually getting some work done here on the blog, I decided it was time to apply the same tactics to my own Pinterest account. It was actually kind of a trip; I started using Pinterest … Continue reading 7 Girly Pinterest Marketing Tips


Engagement 107

Well, we've made it: I've run out of topics concerning engagement, so here's the final one! I'll be short 'n' sweet, since this one is pretty low-tech. Going offline. ...You didn't think the point of social media marketing was to not do any marketing in real life, did you? If you did, it's cool. It's … Continue reading Engagement 107

Social Solution Saturday: Engagement 104

Alright y'all: Today, let's keep this short 'n' sweet. I'll go over Twitter Chats next week as well as a few other fun engagement tips but this week, let's take a breather and focus on an obvious (but no less important) side of engagement: Responding! I briefly mentioned a bit about responding to comments in … Continue reading Social Solution Saturday: Engagement 104

Social Solution Saturday: Engagement 103

Engaging with your audience daily is important but if you're looking for a boost, hosting a contest is a great way to spike your exposure and engagement, while simultaneously building your brand's reputation. How to create a successful contest: Step 1: Pick your platform. The beauty of hosting a contest online is that you can use … Continue reading Social Solution Saturday: Engagement 103