7 Girly Pinterest Marketing Tips

At my "big girl job," I've been spending a lot of time optimizing our company's Pinterest profiles. Now that I'm actually getting some work done here on the blog, I decided it was time to apply the same tactics to my own Pinterest account. It was actually kind of a trip; I started using Pinterest … Continue reading 7 Girly Pinterest Marketing Tips

Your Guide to More Creative Posts

One of the most common questions I'm asked by potential clients (and former clients at my last position) is "What types of things should I be posting?" It may sound silly when you say it outloud, but it can be extremely frustrating. One thing you'll find, and I'm sure I've said it before, is that … Continue reading Your Guide to More Creative Posts

Engagement 107

Well, we've made it: I've run out of topics concerning engagement, so here's the final one! I'll be short 'n' sweet, since this one is pretty low-tech. Going offline. ...You didn't think the point of social media marketing was to not do any marketing in real life, did you? If you did, it's cool. It's … Continue reading Engagement 107

Social Solution Saturday: Engagement 104

Alright y'all: Today, let's keep this short 'n' sweet. I'll go over Twitter Chats next week as well as a few other fun engagement tips but this week, let's take a breather and focus on an obvious (but no less important) side of engagement: Responding! I briefly mentioned a bit about responding to comments in … Continue reading Social Solution Saturday: Engagement 104

Social Solution Saturday: Engagement 103

Engaging with your audience daily is important but if you're looking for a boost, hosting a contest is a great way to spike your exposure and engagement, while simultaneously building your brand's reputation. How to create a successful contest: Step 1: Pick your platform. The beauty of hosting a contest online is that you can use … Continue reading Social Solution Saturday: Engagement 103