Believe Me Film

I’ve been working on social media for small businesses for over a year now and in my research and experience, I’ve never seen anything quite like Believe Me Film‘s promotional campaign. I’ve been following many shows and movies in addition to businesses (I like to be well-rounded) and I’ve seen a lot of interaction with fans through social networking, which is why I think social media is so great. But Believe Me Film is taking that to a whole new level: they’re paying fans (like me!) to spread the word. Paying them! This is more than just responding to people using their hashtag, this is literally making fans a part of the campaign

It’s brilliant. Fans make money by getting friends/followers to click on a link to drive traffic to their website and trailer. I think it’s just crazy enough to work. After all, isn’t word of mouth the best way to drive clients to a business? This is basically word of mouth on social media steroids

So, do me a favor? Click the link below. Watch the trailer. I think the movie looks hilarious and I can’t wait to see it. 

Watch the trailer here!


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