Parisian Adventures


I’ve waited 9 years to visit France. I started taking French classes when I was in eighth grade because I was a ballerina. By chance, I’ve continued classes through college and made it my minor…but I’d never visited.
I had always wanted to study abroad but it was far too expensive, in more ways than one. And now here I am, drinking wine and eating quiche and croissants! It’s like a dream come true.
Frankly, I know more about French history than I do American, so walking around Paris is like walking through the most beautiful and interesting history book in the world to me. Everything about it…from the architecture to the art, to the monuments, to the food puts me in awe. Today I wandered around the neighborhood we’re staying, which is not in a tourist area, and marveled at the shops and restaurants…things that are undoubtedly mundane to those who live here.
…I guess I’ll stop before I gush too much. Au’revoir!


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