Fur Babies; Model Behavior

Ruff day? Here are some pupper pics to cheer you up.

It’s no secret that I love (*cough* am obsessed with) all types of animals, big and small, real and imagined. That said, it is certainly NOT a secret that dogs are my absolute weakness… with my own Luna Rose taking the cake (or rather, kibble).

So, in honor of my dog-sitting side hustle with Rover, I’m working on a few galleries of my favorite fur babies, starting with this one: Model Behavior. For those of you who (like me!) can’t get enough dog pics in your life, stay tuned for upcoming galleries and new themes.

Oh, and if you need someone to take care of/hang out with/relentlessly photograph your pupper at any point, check out my Rover profile here to book with me. Bonus: If it’s your first time using Rover, use code¬†MARIEC24678 for $20 off your first booking!¬†



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