Nineties Nerd

Yep. I’m one of those losers walking around town, staring at my phone, catching Pokemon. But more on that later. 

wp-1468343681154.pngIf you’re living your childhood dream (or you were too young for that but think the game is cool anyway) of catching Pokemon like I am, I have even more good news: Downloading another app will totally justify you for playing the next time someone judges you.

An article by Wide Open Pets details how all that walking is not only healthy for you, but can help homeless pets. All you need to do is download and open an app. You can even choose which shelter to donate to!

Obviously, I can’t pass that up. I’ll be donating to the local no-kill shelter, Austin Pets Alive! while I meander through the next few levels, and then I’ll switch to PAWS Chicago, where I used to volunteer.

Check out the full story, download the app, and share it with your friends. Make the most out of your Pokemon Go experience!


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