Green Thumb

I’m not sure what’s come over me lately, but I can’t stop crafting. Then, when I’m not crafting, I’m coloring.

What can I say? I like being creative. And I guess it’s better to craft while I binge Orange is the New Black than to eat everything in my apartment. But sometimes, I do that, too.

I’ve had a few plants hanging out on my windowsill, because I also really like gardening. I picked it up as a hobby a few months back, as a sort of therapy and I’ve been meaning to expand on it. Plus, since I was basically broke when I started my little garden, my plants were growing in plastic yogurt containers and such…which is just not very visually appealing. Snapchat-7902655630730065162.jpg

So last weekend, I merged my craft bug and my green thumb, bought a few more plants, and recycled. Literally. I love the local brewery/beer scene here in Austin and have always loved the quirky cans they come in. I kept a few and cut the tops off to make mini planters for my tiny new friends.

Here’s how it went down:

  1. Drink all the beer (or I guess you can pour it into a pint to have access to the can sooner…or make someone else drink it…but what fun is that?)
  2. Using a can opener, (carefully!) cut off the top of the can
  3. Clean it out because ew…
  4. Grab a sharp object (I used tiny sewing scissors but a needle would probably work well) and poke holes in the bottom of the can for drainage
  5. Add a layer of rocks to the bottom (again, drainage)
  6. Choose your plants and get to work re-potting!




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