Announcing #WomanCrushWEEK

…I literally just made that up. 😛

When I re-branded this blog to highlight my freelance work, one of my goals was to write features on all of my clients. Unfortunately, I spent more time working for everyone else and not enough time focusing on writing for myself, so I’m only just now getting around to it.

This week, I’m going to highlight a few of my favorite #BossBabes. I started off the other day with advice from Liz Trumbull (not a client but a friend) on networking but be on the look out for a few features on some other amazing women.

Spoiler: I will have one more feature highlighting a friend and #BossBabe who is also not one of my clients. I’ll of course let y’all know that, so you don’t think I’m cooler than I actually am.




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