Inspired or Distracted?

I like to think I’m pretty inspiration-minded.

…I just totally made that up.

What I mean to say is, I have controlled ADHD. My brain is perpetually everywhere, always coming up with new ideas.

Like this post.

I literally stopped what I was doing and started scribbling it down in my notebook because I didn’t want to forget about my new phrase, “inspiration-minded.”

So sometimes, I jump the gun. I see an end result or goal and work backwards from there. I am constantly multitasking; it’s not the only way for me to get things done but a lot of the time, it’s just something I have to do to get anything done.

That said, the only way for me to actually achieve my crazy goals is to stay EXTREMELY organized. It’s a weird Type A personality thing that contradicts the rest of my personality. But hey, it’s workin’ for me!

I might be working on one part of a project that gives me an idea for a different part of the project. To stay focused, I bounce to my planner or notepad, write down my thoughts, and head back to what I was working on. Sometimes, I switch my focus all together and work on whatever the new idea is before I switch back to the original project. I’ll bounce back and forth until everything on my “to do” list has been checked off.

Sometimes, I’m so inspired that I hyper-focus, usually when I’m writing. The other day, my step-dad asked to show me something while I was working on a blog post, and I held up my hand and just said: “Later. I’m writing right now.” I just didn’t want to lose my inspiration!

It’s surprising to some people that I get anything done at all this way. Again, it’s the organization. It’s my hand-written planner with goals and columns and project notes and everything I need to keep my thoughts together.

I guess by nature, I’m right-brained. I’ve always sought out creative ventures and in school, I’ve always excelled in the more artistic classes. I’ve got some left-brained qualities by nurture though. My mom is super business-minded and logical. She plays with numbers in Excel spreadsheets for a living and loves it. That’s my nightmare. But between her extreme Type A personality and all the extracurricular activities I was in growing up, I learned how to budget my time, stay focused, and keep track of my schedule. You know what? I’m pretty dang happy with the way she raised me. I’ve worked with so many creative-types who are brilliant but don’t go anywhere because they’re just not organized enough to finish a project or they don’t have enough of a business mindset and are too stubborn to figure it out or enlist someone who can help. It’s tragic, really.

So, not to toot my own horn, but I think I’ve got the best of both worlds. That’s why I’m super excited to make my newest idea a reality. I’ve got the tools, a kick ass business partner, and a plethora of talent.

More importantly, I get shit done.


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