Springtime in the City

I love spring. I love that everything is blooming and the weather is finally starting to get nice. Spring is hope.

Unfortunately as a student, I don’t feel that I get to enjoy the season very much. Spring break is usually cold and by the time the Chicago weather starts to get warm, it’s crunch time for college students. So I have mixed feelings: I’m excited for summer to come but terrified because of the amount of work that has piled up and that it all comes down to a few final exams.

Not to be cliche, but every year I’m amazed at how quickly the spring semester goes and this year is no exception.

I feel like I have learned and accomplished more in this one semester than I have in any year of school. My internship has helped me to grow up and learn more about what I want and what I expect for my future. Although the idea that this time next year I’ll be looking for a “real” job is frightening, I feel like I have come a long way and by next year I will truly be ready.

But for now, I’m going to finish my junior year strong. And I’m going to enjoy my final summer as a student.


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