Found my Zen

Once I stopped dancing and before I started running, I did a lot of yoga. Specifically, hot yoga. Since I've started running, I don't do as much yoga as I like. I usually consider it my "active recovery" day. But I tried out a new studio near my house on Saturday morning and fell in … Continue reading Found my Zen


Live Healthy, Feel Good

I started my day off right today: I went on a 7.5 mile run with my good friend, Dina. Even though I'm not pleased that it's mid-June in Chicago and it's rainy and cold (okay, cold by my new Texas standards, but cold!), it's perfect running weather. And I always find it easiest to do … Continue reading Live Healthy, Feel Good


Sometimes, you just need to find an oasis. Yesterday, I met my friend from the track team at a local forest preserve to go running. It's amazing how much better it feels running on dirt than on pavement. My body is so accustomed to the pounding of cement that running through a forest is literally … Continue reading Escape