January review

Well, it’s been a while. I admit, I got caught up in my new schedule, readjusting to this whole school thing. My classes are finally becoming specific to things that I enjoy, which is always interesting. Hopefully I will have some new posts with work from my classes. And of course with upper level classes comes a greater work load, so here we go, Junior year.

I started my internship the second week of January and it has been an amazing experience thus far. My main task is to tweet for the company (Citygirl Weddings and Events) which is not only fun but a learning experience as well. It’s rewarding when I see that other people have replied, retweeted, or favorited the tweets that I have written. I also get to shadow my boss (Shar) for some client meetings, tastings, and other event related activities. Last weekend I was able to shadow a photo shoot and since I am the social media intern, I live tweeted throughout the event.

The more I work with social media at Citygirl, the more I want to develop my personality through my personal twitter page. I’ve also taken an interest in the new NBC drama, Chicago Fire, and I am hoping to someday meet the person in charge of their twitter to pick their brain. For the record, I’m semi-stalking the show as they film, since they film relatively close to where I live. It’s awesome.

All in all, I’d say January was a pretty successful start to the year. It went by fast and I’m ready for what February brings.


A little bit about me

Welcome! This is not my first blog but it is my first WordPress account so please stay with me as I figure things out…

I am a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). I decided to build a new blog as an online portfolio since I’m a communication student and part of my education is writing and online media.

My goal for this blog is to share tid bits about my life and what I do as far as education, my internship, and my hobbies.

From the time I was four until I turned 18, I danced. Although I retired, as I call it, during my senior year of high school, dance will always be a part of me. I can’t sit still, so to stay in shape I started running per the influence of my boyfriend at the time, who I am still in a relationship with. The more I ran, the more I wanted to run, and I ended up going out for the track team at UIC my freshman year. We had a good two years but as I progressed in my studies, I needed to get more serious in preparation for graduation next year in May 2014. However, I still run, which I’m sure will have a part in this blog as I prepare for local road races.

Other great influences in my life aside from family and friends is dogs. My family has two Shih-Tzus, whom I love, and when I moved to my own apartment downtown I bought a Miniature Schnauzer puppy.

I also love to do crafts and I get many of my ideas from Pinterest. I also love books but I lack the time to read.

Those are the main topics that I will be blogging about, so if I still have your interest, I hope you enjoy my writing!


Marie Carlson